The General Operating Blueprint or Diagram (for traditionalists).

Prononced as if by Willy Wonko*(1), renouned(2) memory palace architect with excellent metaphor learning how to stab one’s parietal eye like the movie Sucker Punch to access your instantaneous Fable Three sanctum sanctorum (thank goodness somebody finally made sense out of ~that~ steaming pile of turd; turns out that we're all heros within) by exploring every corner of one’s mind until there’s only one DMT: the Spirit Molecule button left to press to create EHS, meet your own Depeche Mode Rango Spirit of PERSONAL enlightenment and explore your own inner Virtually Artificial Reality.

(1) With the patience of a Segway riding magician for the time required to get from here to there. (and also the narfy G.O.B. monogram for the corner of my innerspace exploring towel which reminds me a lot of a certain lawnmower man…)

(2)There are no mistakes, only phlubbers(gm) and fails. It is a small mined witch in deed and indeed Who can think of only a single whey to spiel.

D. I. Y. Saber; it's a real light saver!

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